Fear I will Overcome Get Away From Me

Fear is tenacious .it gets down into the intricacies of your consciousness .so how can you get out? the first step is to know that fear like every other deficiency of human personality, is removable god didn’t give it to you .you take it on yourself or it was put up on you by your environment .but it is removable .
don’t think that you have go to live with fear .don’t imagine that because your father or your mother had it, or your grandfather had it ,your go to have it. you only have to have what you are willing to have it. if you want to live with fear, you can .but it is removable
once you know that it is removable ,then comes the process of removing it. and this involves something which is in very popular with this generation ,but which this generation is to Relearn: self discipline. you can do anything you want to with yourself if you have what it takes to discipline yourself.

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