Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram Journey

Rameshwaram please one of the most important role in the tradition of India it is believed that it is one of the blessed land in our country the c***** of the Epic Ramayanam is on this holy land the great Rama Sethu built by Shri Hanuman and great Lord Rama is believed to be from the holy Dhanushkodi the remaining of all these tradition can be still found out from this place the great Shiva temple located in Rameshwaram is believed will Wash Out all the sin of the believer apart from all these things Rameshwaram is the birthplace of the Great scientist doctor APJ Abdul Kalam who was the former President of India the khabaristan of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is kept as a monument stillin Rameswaram from all these we can understand that Rameshwaram is very rich in its culture so all Indians should visit this holy land once in his or her lifetime I am guaranteeing you it will be a very beautiful experience just like reading a beautiful book or watching a beautiful movie I think minimum you should spend four days in this holy land to completely explore the beauty of this land Rameshwaram is highly photogenic and it is amazingly beautiful in camera the white Sandy beaches green sea and extremely blue sky relaxes the mind of everyone
This is one of the most beautiful bike ride which I did .we started our journy from Fort Kochi to the great Dhanushkodi Rameshwaram

the vehicle which is used for this ride is my almighty Honda Navi its A hybrid two wheeler it’s a bike scooter which have both the properties of a scooter and a full bike which is the auto transmission vehicle it is powered with a 110 cc single cylinder air cooled engine

my friend Sreejith also accompanied along with me for this 1300 km ride I started my ride from Kochi to kothamangalam then heading towards Munnar from Munnar I took a road which is deviating through Rajakadu heading to the bodyMettu hair pin coming down there in just one of the beautiful places of Tamilnadu the kambam and Theni this villages are very beautiful greenish agricultural villages from Kambam Theni I headed towards Madurai it’s one of the most traditional Central Tamilnadu City.

highlight of the madura city are Mighty Madurai Meenakshi Amman Kovil .we visited the Meenakshi Amman Koil took some photographs. we had it traditional masala dosa withfilter offee one of the best food which we get in Tamilnadu and we started the journey from there at evening 3 o’clock and our next destination was Ramanathapuram

most of the Highways which are running through this area are very vast and we don’t have any street lights on the way and and it just less populated area Highways very fast and you don’t have any vehicles moving around we have a strange feeling that we are always alone in road . nobody is there around in road side our vehicles passing through the road and around 8 o’clock we reached the great Pamban bridge this is the entry point of Rameshwaram just one of the excellent engineering the Pamban Bridge just speechless excellent engineering and you people just watch my document I am giving the link above and you can get a very short description in this and thank you so much again I’ll meet you with a new destination

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